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As one of our 4 concepts, we would like to introduce you to the collections point that we have setup at all participating practices. For patient privacy, or just for convenience, patients elects to collect their patient-ready parcels at their GP. We have rolled out successfully a computerized program at the doctor practice, allowing us to monitor and manage the patient parcels to any destination nationally, and this collection point option, provides more flexibility for any patient seeking an alternative collections option.


How will our collections point at the practice benefit you?

For patients:

We will provide quality delivery service to the patient at no extra cost
A reminder service will be offered to patients for collection & renewal of prescriptions
Apart from deliveries nationally, we have created a convenient collections outlet at the doctor’s practice
All medication prepared, are handled by highly skilled and qualified staff at Medipost Pharmacy
Medipost will also offer assistance to patients with chronic authorisations
Medilogistics has a dedicated call-centre to handle requests promptly

For the practice:

We are an exclusive partner to Medipost Pharmacy
We have created an informative Website to improve communication, with exciting new features to be launched soon
We are proud to have a national network of doctors onboard
Our initiative guarantees a increase in patient compliance levels
We manage a reminder service to patients, as well as the monitoring and return of uncollected parcels
Our program interface and runs independent from all other programs in your computer
Our service offered is at no cost to you
As a registered practice on our network, you will have direct interaction with our Call-centre agents to assist with any enquiries
As an active member, Doctor will receive financial benefits.
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